Bra Sizing & Our Favorite Styles

As the market for lingerie, both functional and for appearance, expands it can be difficult to know what styles exist and even harder to know what will suit your body best. We believe that lingerie should not only make you feel beautiful, but also accentuate your natural beauty in both fit and style as well. Being a fuller or more petite breasted woman, however, can make many feel that lingerie as a whole is not intended for them because it can be difficult to find something that actually fits. Our goal is to make lingerie more accessible to all body types by uncovering what to look for.

Of course, we believe that lingerie should be made to fit you and not the other way around, and you should feel empowered to wear whatever makes you feel your best. This blog is simply a starting point for those who feel lost or overwhelmed by the vastness of lingerie varieties available to them. For those who fit “straight sizing” in lingerie - 32-38 A-DD - it may be easier to find a good fit with a simpler measurement and style preference decision. However, for women who fall outside of that range, whether petite or fuller busted, it can take a bit more work to find the bra right for you. 

It is important that, before we get into the styles and cuts we recommend, that we acknowledge the lack of size ranges available across popular brands, and the nuances that differ traditional petite and plus sizes from that of a petite or full bust range of lingerie. Just because a person is plus size does not mean they are automatically fuller busted, and someone who wears a petite size is not automatically petite busted- every body is unique! A good place to start on your journey to well fitting and comfortable lingerie is an accurate measurement. 

If your measurements place you outside of what is considered straight sizing for lingerie, brands that cater to petite and fuller busted women are more readily available to you than ever. Below are some of our favorites:

A balconette style can work for both petite and fuller busted individuals because of the cut of the cups. The shape provides lift while accentuating your natural shape and won’t add to much fullness or molding because of the unlined silhouette. A balconette is specifically suited for those with a more bottom heavy breast shape, but will work comfortably for most women. 

Shown Here: Cherie Amour Intimates “The Set in My Ways Set” in Pink

A lightly lined, or unlined bra is also a favorite for larger breasted and petite breasted women alike because it minimizes the bulk of padding or extra fabric while lifting and providing support to your natural shape. A good t-shirt bra or simple lace style can be good for both casual everyday wear or be dressed up depending on the occasion. 

Pictured Here: Cherie Amour Intimates “The Leah Set” in Silver & White