How the Right Lingerie Makes All the Difference

At Chérie Amour we know that any occasion that calls for lingerie, whether in private or a boudoir shoot, can be a very vulnerable time. Our goal is to make sure you feel as good as you look, starting with your lingerie. We interviewed a previous client to give you an inside look on how the right lingerie can make all the difference!

We wanted to start with an introduction to Alexis and her experience with boudoir. Since she had never done a shoot before we thought her experience may be very comforting to others with the same feelings. Keep reading to hear about her experience and her recommendations!

What was your experience like doing boudoir photography for the first time?


It was honestly like an adrenaline rush! I was a little nervous before the shoot because I didn't really know what to expect, but once I got in there and put the outfit on it was go time. It was so much fun! My photographer was really great with giving me directions and guiding me through it. I felt like a model! 


Do you think the lingerie you wear matters?


I think lingerie can definitely set the mood for all parties involved. The right lingerie that fits just right and makes you feel confident is the best feeling. "Look good, feel good" is a real thing! 


How did you feel in Cherie Amour Intimates?


I felt like *chef's kiss. The lingerie felt really good and fit in all the right places. I liked that I did not have to keep readjusting myself throughout the shoot! 


What is your personal favorite lingerie piece? (Bodysuit, set, teddy, chemise, etc)


 That's a hard question. I am a sucker for a teddy, but I love a good set too!  I feel like variety is always good, but if I had to choose one I'm thinking a red or black set that has a robe.


Any other thoughts you'd like to share about the experience?


Overall experience is a 10/10. I have a collage of my favorite images hanging up in my closet, so I can start my day remembering how bomb I am, all thanks to my boudoir shoot. My experience was so good! I would do another shoot in a heartbeat. 

We wanted to end by sharing some words of encouragement for all of you: We know lingerie can be an intimidating and intimate experience, but if you’re ever overwhelmed by the vastness of choices simply pick a piece that makes you feel as wonderful as you are and remember your beauty comes from within!